UFCW Local 135

Strike Authorization Vote Scheduled


Strike Authorization Vote Scheduled
Cast your vote on June 24th

Our union will hold a vote to authorize a strike, if necessary, by members of Local 135 who are employed by Ralphs, Vons, Albertsons, and Pavilions.

Why a strike authorization vote?
The corporations are delaying and demanding takeaways:

  • 3 months since the contract expired
  • Slash wages for cashiers
  • Inappropriate wage increases that do not reflect the minimum wage, 20 cents for top rate clerks, less than 1% increase.
  • Put healthcare plan at risk of bankruptcy

All this when corporate executives are giving themselves 34% raises and paying out $250 million to investors.

The time has come to show the corporations we won’t take this anymore and they need to get serious about a fair deal. This will show them we are united and ready to fight for what is right.

What does a Strike Authorization vote mean?
It means we give the power to call a strike, if necessary, to the negotiators at the table. It does not mean we go on strike right away. But is does show the corporations that we are united in our demand for a fair, balanced contract that respects our contribution to their success, and prepared to fight for it.

What’s next?
We vote on Monday June 24th. After we tally the votes , we will announce the results. It is absolutely critical that every member gets out and votes.

Hopefully the corporate negotiators return to the table and get serious about a fair deal.

If not, we continue to prepare to show them our determination to get a fair deal, and strike if necessary.