UFCW Local 135

Representation & Contract Enforcement

Grievance Procedure


If you think your rights under the contract have been violated, the first step is to discuss the matter with your Union Representative and file a grievance, if necessary.


Your Union Representative will mediate and investigate on your behalf to help remedy your situation.


After a resolution has been reached all parties move forward to work together in enforcing the conduct and provisions of the contract.

This website is not intended as an official notice of local union affairs. It is intended for general information of the membership of UFCW Local 135. Communication of an urgent and/or official nature, (i.e., filing of grievances, benefit claims, etc.) cannot be handled via email or this website. Please phone us at (619) 298-7772 ext. 9 and speak to your Union Representative regarding such matters, or you may visit the union office.

Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights at Work

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