UFCW Local 135

Retirees Club

The UFCW Local 135 Retirees Club consists of retired union members from Local 135. The club is a separate entity from the union with its own elected governing board with elections held annually in November. It was originally founded in 1973 as the Retail Clerks Local 1222 Retirees Club.

Mission Statement

The mission of the UFCW Local 135 Retirees Club is to help UFCW Retirees in providing themselves with an opportunity for greater social and recreational activities and to assist Retirees in keeping more fully informed of economic, social and political developments in their mutual self-interests. The Club will foster fraternal ties among UFCW Retirees and keep UFCW Local 135 aware of the activities and interests of their retired members.

The Retirees Club holds a luncheon the first Wednesday of the month that is open to all retirees, as well as current members, where they discuss club business, hold raffles, socialize, and play bingo. They also coordinate the occasional day outings for member retirees to enjoy and volunteer to help with union activities when called upon.

The board of the UFCW Local 135 Retirees Club includes the following individuals:

Jack Miller, President
John Reil, Vice-President
Eric Anderson, Secretary
Conrad Cox, Treasurer

Dominic Apodaca, Sergeant-at-Arms
Scott Eidson, Sergeant-at-Arms
Kim Pollack, Sergeant-at-Arms
Deborah Slaughter, Sergeant-at-Arms
Kay Zimmerman, Sergeant-at-Arms

Kari Lasko, Editor of The Messenger newsletter
Dominic Apodaca, Greeter and Invocation
Kim Pollack, Event and Media Coordinator
Sara Dupuy, Table Decorator

For more info on the UFCW Local 135 Retirees Club please visit their Facebook page
San Diego UFCW 135 Retirees Club or call club President Jack Miller at (619) 246-1040.