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The Steward Program is for our most active members. Stewards are the leaders at their locations and participate in a wide range of union activities that include organizing non-union employees, market share protection, politics, community activism, member education, and in-store mobilization. Stewards act as a liaison between the union and the members and gives Local 135 a constant union presence in the workplace.

Stewards keep up to date on all union activities and current events and are able to report all important information to their fellow members. Stewards are leaders and mentors in their workplace who have earned the respect of both management and fellow members. Stewards truly value the benefits of their union job and always strive to protect those benefits.

Becoming a Steward is a big responsibility, but you will get the greatest satisfaction from helping your fellow union members.

How to become a Steward

The Steward Program is a non-paid volunteer position open to all UFCW Local 135 members in good standing.
If you are interested in becoming a steward, please contact us at
(619) 298-7772 ext. 126.

Steward Responsibilities

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Attend all union meetings which include: Steward's Seminar, union workshops, membership votes, etc.

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Welcome and educate all new members about the benefits of being a union member.

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Notify union representatives of contract violations.

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Direct co-workers to the proper department. ( i.e. membership, insurance, pension, etc.)

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Stay in constant communication with your Union Rep.


UFCW Union Boards are located in every union store and location. Stewards should check their boards to make sure that information is up to date and that anything not authorized by the union is removed. Sorry, advertisements and other non-UFCW Local 135 flyers are not allowed.

UFCW Steward Handbooks are available to Stewards from their Union Representative. This handbook will help provide some of the tools necessary for our stewards to effectively oversee their locations and help their co-workers when certain issues arise.

Click HERE for downloadable PDF.

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