UFCW Local 135

Rite Aid Negotiations Update 8/13

Negotiations with Rite Aid have been progressing slowly. Though we have agreed to some language changes, Rite Aid has, so far, refused to discuss any economic proposals. We have presented Rite Aid with a complete union proposal including annual wage increases which reflect the increasing cost of living as well as recognition for the tremendous risks our members at Rite Aid have taken during the ongoing pandemic. 

Negotiations continue with dates scheduled for August 24 and 25 and September 9, 10, 20, 21 and 22.  

We have entered into a new extension agreement that runs through September 22. We have no plans to extend beyond that date.

We need to demonstrate to Rite Aid negotiators that all our members stand together for a contract that recognizes the hard work and dedication all of you have put in. Rite Aid says they appreciate you. Now it is time for them to show it through a fair contract proposal with wage increases that you can live with.

Please stay engaged with your Union Rep and stand unified with your co-workers!