UFCW Local 135

Negotiation Update 8/25

UFCW Local 135 Members:

Today was the last day at the table for this week, and after 4 days of negotiations, Kroger and Albertsons continue to only offer nickels in wage increases while violating labor laws and your rights during negotiations.

We believe that one good job should be enough to provide for you and your families,
your employers think that one more nickel should be enough.

All Southern California Locals will be holding meetings starting September 9th to vote to accept or reject the employers’ final offer. We have also filed unfair labor practice charges against both companies and will provide more information at the meeting. Despite what your managers may have told you, you DO have the right to handbill outside of your stores and participate in union activity.

Your stewards and union representatives will be in touch with more information on meeting dates and locations.

In the meantime, customer mobilization will continue next week as we fight for better jobs and better service for California’s families. Thousands of customers have already shown their support and we’re not done yet.