UFCW Local 135

UFCW Local 135 Insurance Administrator Marie Incrocci Retires

UFCW Local 135 would like to congratulate Marie Incrocci, our Insurance and Pension Administrator, on her retirement!

Her official retirement date is Monday, January 31 but her last full day in the office is today. 

Marie was hired on at Local 135 in 1999 after working at Vons 2359 on Mission Gorge Road in San Diego for twenty years. She started there at the young age of 18 and finished as a GM Manager before working for the union. 

She has been a member of UFCW Local 135 her entire adult life!

Marie was initially hired on as a Specialist in the Membership Department. But she never applied for the position. Instead, she was personally asked to interview by former Secretary-Treasurer Rosalyn Hackworth. At the time, the union was really behind on things and needed help. Rosalyn saw her potential to do just that. She was interviewed by then President Norman Bell and was hired that same day. 

Sometimes transitioning to a new job after twenty years at your previous one can have its challenges. But not for Marie. She was ready for a change and wanted to do something different. She would eventually go on to work in almost every department at Local 135, culminating in leading the Insurance Department for approximately nine years.

For Marie, the best part about working for the union has been working on behalf of the members and helping them out. Working in the Insurance Department has brought Marie and our staff really close to the membership. They learn about their health issues when they apply for health benefits, they talk about their children when they sign their kids up, they learn about their parents when they seek out elder care. Our Insurance staff works with the members from the moment they sign up for benefits to when they retire, and, sadly but sincerely, they help member families navigate death benefits when one of our members pass away. They’re relationship builders and Marie has led this department with member interests at the forefront.

Marie is going to miss coming in and talking with her fellow Local 135 co-workers, especially those that she’s worked with and struggled beside during the difficult times. The bonds formed during those times will stay with her in retirement. 

Marie is excited to start her retirement. She’s looking forward to going on some family trips, spending time with her parents, and meeting her future granddaughter. She’s also going to investigate starting a business. And there might be a few wine tastings in her retirement future as well.

Marie has been a member of the union for forty-three years. She’s a hard worker that has always been employed. And she feels lucky to have had a union job with benefits and a pension all these years.

Congratulations, Marie, on your retirement! You put in the time, energy, and effort on behalf of the members of UFCW Local 135. You are appreciated. Thank you for your service!