UFCW Local 135

Healthcare Benefit Improvements for Qualified Members

Attention Grocery Members-

In the recent grocery contract negotiations with the companies, we were able to make improvements to your benefits. It is important that you open your enrollment packets and read them carefully. Here are some highlights to the changes:

  • Unused dental and vision will roll over to the next year
    — Up to half of total benefit dollars can be used in the next calendar year and will not be lost
  • Changes to working spouse rule that dramatically cut costs to members
    — Working spouse has to enroll in a similar plan, not best available
    — If plan costs more than $200/month, spouse does not have to enroll with their employer and can be covered under the UFCW plan for $48/week
  • New Kaiser HMO plan for qualified members hired after March 2004
    — Could dramatically cut medical costs to you and your family
    — Available to Platinum members in the Trust Fund (employed 6.5 years)

These are highlights and there can be some exceptions, please read your enrollment packet closely. We encourage you to come in or call the Insurance Department for any assistance (619) 298-7772 ext. 8.

Happy Holidays!