UFCW Union Board’s are located in every union store and location.
Stewards should check their boards to make sure that information is up to date and that anything not authorized
by the union is removed. Sorry, advertisements and other
non UFCW Local 135 flyers are not allowed.
Click through the Prezi below for what your union board should look like.


Below are some facts sheets about your rights on the job. Click on the pictures below for the full PDF version.

Keep checking back to see new Know Your Rights fact sheets!

In the Weingarten case, the Supreme Court ruled that Union-represented workers have the right to Union representation during all meetings or discussions with supervisors or managers that the member reasonably believes might lead to discipline. These meetings or discussions include discussions on the work floor, in work areas, offices and even outside the facility.
Nine times out of ten, stewards are the representatives who attend these meetings with workers. At the beginning of the meeting, this law requires the supervisor or manager to disclose all meeting topics and to give the member a chance to ask for a representative. Members can demand the presence of any on-duty steward. If none is available, the supervisor or manager must postpone the meeting until a steward is available. Companies may not punish members for exercising their Weingarten rights.
Encourage all members to exercise their Weingarten rights. This is important because a member waives the right to a witness if the member does not speak up and expressly request a witness.