By August 7, 2017Member Stories

Tim Brugger chose Albertson’s as his career at 17 and he worked at the same store for 29 years until the Haggen debacle. Now he’s a receiving manager with Vons (3330) in San Marcos.

Tim has been a steward since 2011, but has been active in the union since the strike in 2003-2004.

Tim had to wait several years after the strike to become a steward.

“I was there for the strike until the very last day,” he said. “I was there eight hours a day, five days a week. Our money situation wasn’t as bad as other people’s because my wife has an in-home day care.

“I was in the one store for so long and we had stewards, so I had to wait until they were gone. As a steward, when my co-workers have questions, I research for the answers. I want my coworkers to be comfortable and to know their rights, so I get the information out to them.

He helps out with his union brothers and sisters in other stores and places of business as well.

“I was out picketing with the union when Palomar Hospital put a non-union Albertsons in their facility. Making time for union activities is important because we all win or lose together.”

Besides Palomar Hospital, Tim has spent the last few years picketing at the Oceanside El Super and says was “privileged to go up to the headquarters in Los Angeles when we took a bus trip together.” Most recently he leafletted and picketed at Vons and Albertsons in North County.

Tim’s activism doesn’t stop there. “I attempted, with all my heart, to petition the City of Carlsbad to keep out (the non-union) Smart & Final after Haggen, but they didn’t want to get involved since it is a private business.

“I wanted the city to know that after Haggen closed, we had a lot of customers in wheelchairs or walkers who had to travel an extra mile to get to the nearest Vons.”

Tim’s wife, Teresa, is the hardest working woman he’s ever met, he said. They have a 7-year-old daughter, Kristan and with the in-home day care, they have eight kids running around the house during the week. Tim and Teresa are also in charge of the children’s ministry at their church.

“I enjoy helping out my coworkers,” he said. “Everyone has a story with management bending or breaking the rules. I have one coworker, a GM clerk who had been covering my lunches and vacation time as a receiver since 2009. The store ended up settling with him.

“It’s an honor to be named Steward of the Quarter,” Tim said.