By January 7, 2017FOOD 4 LESS, Member Stories

Brenna (rhymes with Renee) Scott has worked at CVS for 11 years and has been a steward that whole time. She works as a pharmacy technician at the 32nd Street and University CVS.

As a steward she makes sure she knows the contract thoroughly so she can educate others who don’t know the contract and who may have questions or need help.

“When they come to me with their problems if I don’t know what’s going on, I investigate and research so I don’t give them misinformation,” Brenna said.

“For me personally, I think the union is great, we have great insurance, they go to bat for you if you’re being cheated out of your money, hours, vacation or if you need a mediator between workers and management,” she said. “The union is like your second family. As stewards you develop a relationship with your union representative. It’s that stepping stone when you need help and you don’t know where to turn and who else to turn to.”

Brenna has been active with the union as well. She has been to a couple of marches against Walmart.

“They tore down that landmark building that was there,” she said. “I was sad that they demolished that and turned it into a Walmart after all.”

A few years ago she was out on the Food 4 Less picket line too.

“I knew nothing about what was happening and I went to the store to get some breakfast food and the next thing you know I’m outside walking back and forth and handing out flyers to some of the folks here in the neighborhood. A lot of my customers over at CVS saw me out there and they turned away. I’m active in the community and the community is pretty supportive.

“I also help out with UDW (United Domestic Workers). I’m part of that union also. When my mother was alive I was her health care provider. I’m a Seventh Day Adventist and I was told we are a union too. I was just born and bred union.”

Brenna has one son and numerous God kids including her nephew whom she raised since he was one-and-a-half years old. She has another God son named Carter whom she has every weekend now to help his mom out. Brenna is married to Andra (pronounced Andre) and is a health care provider to him.

“There was a time, if I wasn’t at church or work, I was at the hospital, but now he’s doing better,” she said.

“Believe it or not my fun is volunteering to take care of the kids at church. I’m an active pathfinder counselor. We take the kids out camping and teach about God’s creation. We do community service to help the elderly and the homeless. We help to take them shopping and try to keep them a part of their community too. We make them feel like they have their independence still. With the homeless we collect toiletries, clothing and feed them once every two to three months.”

Her family tries to stay involved in politics, she said, but she’s not a political-type person, she said. Because I’m not political, I’m in the background listening to everything that goes on.

“I’m a huge family and church person,” she said.