UFCW Local 135

Candidate Saldaña, Part of 135’s Dirty Past

Saldaña didn’t mind $150,000 of union money, from groups run by former disgraced UFCW Local 135 president Mickey Kasparian, being used against her primary opponent in 2018.

Mickey Kasparian’s labor union gives $150k to help Lori Saldaña’s supervisor run

Support and contributions from Kasparian-controlled groups has become controversial after the labor leader was sued four times since late 2016, including two lawsuits that accused him of sexual misconduct. One woman accused Kasparian of pressuring her into an unwanted sexual relationship while she worked under him at Local 135. Another woman said that Kasparian had groped her several times and at one point pinned her to a sofa inside his office.

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Supervisor candidate Lori Saldaña gets support of labor group, and criticism to go with it

Saldaña was an early critic of Kasparian when the allegations surfaced, signing a letter with 45 other liberal activists in January 2017 calling on him to be suspended from his union. She tweeted about Kasparian in January of this year.

“I have no plans ‘to accept a contribution, an endorsement or other types of campaign support from UFCW 135 or the Working Families Council while Mickey Kasparian is president,’” she wrote on Twitter.

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Lori Saldaña and the Lincoln Club? Just Say NO

Hence [Saldaña’s] political partnership with [Kasparian’s] dead-end labor splinter caucus whose solidarity killing mission is more about political revenge rather than any discernible principle makes perfect sense. Now she is happy as a clam to get aid and comfort from one of the biggest enemies of the progressive cause in the form of Lincoln Club mailers with her smiling face stamped on one side.

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Not only did Lori Saldaña not mind an accused sexual harasser using $150,000 of union raised funds to attack her main opponent, she gladly let the anti-worker Lincoln Club fund mailers on her behalf. This proves that she has no principles when it comes to supporting union members and their families.

Our members deserve better from wannabe elected officials!
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