RITE AID UPDATE – New consumer polling results

Last week your Union conducted public opinion polling around some of the busiest stores in Southern California.

The results are overwhelmingly in our favor, and show that consumers support us in our efforts to get a fair contract. In fact, the results are decisive in showing consumers support us not only in spirit, but will honor our strike in large numbers if necessary.

  • When asked who consumers trust more for information about our contract, 88% of consumers with an opinion say union Rite Aid employees, and only 12% trust Rite Aid management.
  • When asked if we should get full time hours and affordable health care, 91% of consumers with an opinion say yes. Only 9% disagree.
  • 69% say they would not cross our picket lines, and 60% say they would transfer their prescriptions until the strike is over.

These are remarkable statistics, and show that our unity in rejecting the unfair Rite Aid management offer is shared by Rite Aid’s own customers.

We will be releasing these numbers to the press shortly, but wanted to make sure you had them first.

Remember: stand together and stand strong. Our unity will pay dividends in this contract.