Your union representatives continue to try and reach a fair deal at the bargaining table. Unfortunately, the lawyers negotiating on behalf of Rite Aid failed to move the negotiations forward.

Your union negotiators held fast to the following:

  • No elimination of the jointly managed health care plan
  • No elimination of health care for senior citizen retirees
  • No elimination of full-time positions

Your union negotiators stand ready to reach a fair deal with Rite Aid. Unfortunately, Rite Aid’s lawyers refuse to negotiate fairly, and demand a total surrender of your power in the workplace as their price for a contract.

This is unacceptable.

Recently Rite Aid union members voted overwhelmingly to reject these proposals and go on strike if necessary.

In recent public opinion polling:

  • nearly 70% of customers said they would not cross a picket line to shop at Rite Aid.
  • 60% said they would take their prescriptions elsewhere.
  • And nearly 90% of customers said they supported you, the employees, over the corporate management of Rite Aid.

We have the leverage. We have the power. Rite Aid is panicking and unprepared.

Now is the time to stand strong and ramp up the pressure. Together, we win.