Negotiations update 05/24/19 – This week we brought a member delegation…

The corporate employers finally showed their hand with a wage and health benefit offer.

This week we brought a member delegation made up of GM clerks to negotiations. They spoke directly to corporate negotiators about the challenges of the 2-tier system and inequality in the workplace.

The corporate negotiators’ response?

Reduces the top pay for GM clerks. Makes checkers GM clerks. Attacks our health plan and undermine its long-term funding. Wage increases of less than 1%. Refuses to provide a plan to adequately fund your pension.

All this after Ralphs gave executives raises this year of up to 34%, Albertsons-Vons paid $250 million to its owners, and both reaped more than $1.3 BILLION in special-interest tax benefits this year alone (benefits denied to working families).

This is unacceptable. We have communicated back to the corporate negotiators that we will not accept unfair and hypocritical takeaways like this.

We can’t stand by and allow the corporate negotiators to get away with this. We’ve sent our counter proposals across the table, insisting on better wages, closing the GM/Food Clerk gap, and expanding your benefits and voice at work.

If the corporate negotiators continue to refuse to bargain fairly, we’ll have to explore other actions outside the bargaining table.

Look here for future updates.

Next Negotiation Dates: June 3-4 and June 10-11.

Todd Walters
President, UFCW Local 135