Retail Negotiations update 04/19/19

We met with corporate negotiators and the federal mediator yesterday and today.

We spent the first day bringing the federal mediator up to speed and informing him of our goals and concerns.

We continue to advance and advocate for improvements to our contract that will increase our ability to get more hours, pay, and a voice on the job.

Our goals at the bargaining table remain the same:

Family-sustaining Fair Wages
Work should provide wage increases that make ends meet and allow us to provide for and enjoy our families and lives – without having to work multiple jobs.

More, flexible hours
Scheduling should provide both the hours we need to support our families with one job, the flexibility to enjoy and take care of our families, and also accommodate the other priorities in our lives.

Health and Retirement Security
All employees should have benefits that allow us security in our health and dignity in our retirement. We fought hard for ours, and will fight hard to maintain them.

Job Security in changing times
We understand better than management what consumers want and what works on the floor – and by applying that knowledge we can help shape the grocery jobs of the future in partnership with technology rather than as servants to it.
Democracy in our workplace
We are partners in the success of our businesses, not pawns to be moved and discarded. Our unity gives us a voice and a vote in both our workplace and our union.

How we win

Make sure you, your family, and your friends sign the petition at and share our message on your social media at and being involved.

Negotiations are ongoing. Our next scheduled dates are May 3rd and 6th. Look here for further updates.