Introducing New E-Board VP Michael McGee

By November 24, 2020Breaking News

UFCW Local 135 is proud to announce the appointment of Michael McGee as a Vice President to the Executive Board of the union. Michael fills the position previously held by Theresa Jacques who retired after working for 29 years at Rite Aid.

Michael is a Pharmacy Clerk at CVS 8842 in El Cajon with five years of UFCW Local 135 union service. He will be the first member from CVS to join the Executive Board. Michael is also a Union Steward at his location that is always ready and willing to help his co-workers and support his union. He’s a true leader that his fellow members can depend on.

Michael was very happy to be asked to apply to become a Vice President on the E-Board. He was somewhat surprised after being recommended out of the blue by his Union Rep Chris Lopez.

When asked about what interested him in being a part of the Executive Board, Michael responded by saying “This goes beyond what I can do at the store level. It’s an opportunity to do something greater for the union community.”

Though he has only been a member of Local 135 for five years, Michael has a forty-year history of being a member of a union. His first experiences of being a union member was in Colorado where he was in a construction union in the late 1970’s. In solidarity actions supporting striking Coors Brewing workers in Golden, Colorado, Michael recalls getting clubbed and beat up by law enforcement. This only instilled in him a deeper desire to support the union movement.

After moving to Los Angeles, he became a member of the Screen Actors Guild and the union for audio engineers where he worked on various Hollywood movies, TV shows, and projects.

Michael was raised by very liberal parents that encouraged him to support working people. When he was twelve years-old he worked with immigrant workers from Mexico. He remembers the bad working conditions they had to work under and the blatant racism they experienced. This was an early example to him of the need for workers to collectively organize themselves to stand up for their rights.

All of these experiences have helped him in his position as a Union Steward at his location. He understands the plight of his co-workers, the power they have when they come together, and the strength they have as a union. He uses these experiences to champion the rights of his co-workers, becoming a positive example for all Union Stewards, regardless of bargaining unit.

But unionism isn’t the only love in Michael’s life. He’s been married for 32 years and has four adult children, the youngest of whom still lives at home. His love also extends to the arts. Michael is an avid artist whose work is an explosion of color and abstract Cubism along the lines of Picasso with a little Basquiat thrown in the mix.

But his art is not strictly two dimensional. He’s also a musician that collects guitars, a builder of sound studios, an audio engineer that produces, mixes and masters the recordings of various bands, and the owner of a multi-media art/record company called Cynykyl Productions Limited that recently put out its 102ndalbum. Michael is a true renaissance artist constantly producing art in its varied forms.

UFCW Local 135 is honored to have an Executive Board Vice President like Michael McGee. He brings all of the experiences he’s endured through his life as a union member and artist to our union. And we are all better for it.

Congratulations on your appointment, Michael! We look forward to your continued service as a member of this mighty union!