Breaking News: Rite Aid Members Ratify New Contract!

October 2, 2018 – Congratulations Rite Aid Members! Yesterday members overwhelmingly ratified a new 3 yr contract for Pharmacists, Techs, and Clerks that protected their health benefits with across the board wage increases. Your new contract includes:

  • No changes to union health benefits

  • Wage increases across the board

  • Layoff protections

  • Workweek guarantees

  • Better severance pay guarantees

President Mickey Kasparian said, “This was a very difficult and complex negotiation. I want to personally thank our members for their solidarity and strength through this process!”

Rite Aid members from across Southern California participated in all day walk through voting, many of them coming before, after and in between shifts to make their voices heard and vote on their new contract. If you were unable to come to the vote, union representatives are already out in stores providing the information. Check your union board or call your representative if you have any questions.

Thank you to everyone who stood strong in their stores and participated in the boycott with us! When we fight, we win!