Breaking News: Governor Brown Signs SB 1442 – No Pharmacist Left Alone!

By September 19, 2018Breaking News, Member Stories

UFCW’s top priority Bill SB-1442, “No Pharmacist Left Alone”, was signed by Govenor Brown today!

Thanks to the leadership of rank and file members including Local 135 pharmacists Seung Oh, Suzanne Bradbury, Tim Horanda and Nancy Arellano as well as the leadership at Local 135,  pharmacies throughout California will now be safer. SB 1442, now signed into law, prohibits grocery stores and large drug stores from leaving pharmacists unattended at any point during a shift. The idea for the bill emerged during 2016 negotiations with the major grocery stores.

The number one issue that Pharmacists wanted addressed in that round of negotiations was severe understaffing, including being left alone during significant portions of the week. The employers refused to agree to sensible safety provisions in the contract, so the union moved forward with the legislative route.

While in Sacramento, Local 135 Pharmacists explained that if they need to leave the pharmacy to simply administer a flu shot or counsel a patient in a private room, they often don’t have time to even lock down the pharmacy, exposing drugs to sometimes sophisticated theft rings.

Local 135 Pharmacists along with their colleagues from other UFCW Locals, were extremely well received by Legislators who wondered aloud how such legislation does not already exist in California and across the country.

UFCW Local 135 President Mickey Kasparian said, “Thank you to Governor Jerry Brown and all the legislators who took the time to listen to our Pharmacists tell their stories and most importantly, thank you to our dedicated, hard-working Pharmacists who stood up and fought not only for themselves but for their patients and ensured this bill became law.

Legislation that is brought forward and fought for by members, about the issues they care about, is how we win.