Haggen Members Who have been Laid Off

By September 10, 2015Uncategorized

For those who have been laid off from Haggen stores, or those who work at a store scheduled to close and wish to apply at Vons/Albertsons

We have heard from some of our members that they incurred an error (blocked from going any further) when they have gone online to apply at a Vons/Albertsons store. 
We contacted the company and were told that anyone working at a Haggen store who applies online for Vons will receive an error message that reads in part “you are not eligible for re-hire.”  No one should not receive the message when applying on the Albertsons website. 
We were told the reason for the error is that the systems are separate.  Anyone who has applied (or attempted to apply) to Vons/Albertsons is required to provide a copy of a layoff notice or something in writing stating that they are no longer employed by Haggen.  In the case of a store closure, the member should provide a copy of the WARN letter to the store director. 
We advise you to document whom you gave the information to and the date.