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Resources for Laid-Off Haggen Employees

This list includes all the presenters’ who were at the Rapid Response meeting on September 16, 2015: Contact List_updated 2015-08-13 (003)

America’s Job Centers

The America’s Job Centers can provide you with FREE services to help while you are transitioning to your next job.  Because of the circumstances of the store closures, all former Haggen employees are automatically eligible for assistance.  As soon as you receive your layoff letter just give us a call and we will provide one-on-one guidance to enroll you for supportive services to help out with gas cards, bus passes, store cards for food and clothing.   We can also discuss any of our other services that may be of help to you.  

Please don’t hesitate to take advantage of all the America’s Job Centers can provide – remember – it’s already been paid for by your tax dollars!!

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