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By April 10, 2018President's Message



Vote for a Better Future for All

Our future as a union depends on voting in the upcoming mid-term elections, including the primary June 5. We have attacks coming at us from all angles, including the federal government and the Supreme Court. Therefore, our umbrella group, the San Diego Working Families Council vetted local candidates to determine the best for workers and we hope you will vote like your job depends on it.
Last time I talked about our recommendations for State-wide candidates as determined by the UFCW Western States Council. This month I’m sharing information about the local candidates we’ve endorsed.
Todd Gloria serves in the California State Assembly. As a friend of our Local, he represents the 78th Assembly District in San Diego. He currently is Majority Whip. We recommend Todd for re-election because he has always worked well with us for a better future for our members.
Assemblywoman Shirley Weber chairs the Assembly Budget Subcommittee on Public Safety. She also serves as a member of the Assembly Standing Committees on Education, Higher Education, Elections, Budget, and Banking and Finance. We are backing her for re-election because she understands what’s important for our members.
As a State Senator, Ben Hueso serves as Chair of the Senate Committee on Energy, Utilities and Communications. He was reappointed to the Senate Veterans Affairs, Banking and Financial Institutions, Insurance, Natural Resources and Water, and Governmental Organization Committees. We support him because he is a friend of UFCW and votes right on issues that affect workers.
We have only one race we’ve endorsed for, San Diego County Board of Supervisors District 4, and we chose Lori Saldaña as our endorsed candidate. Throughout Lori’s career in the State Assembly, her voting record on labor was 98 percent as it was with her question and answer session with us, and she gets it. She will look out for workers and for our communities.
City Council, District 2: Bryan Pease is running against Lorie Zapf, who has never met a union she likes. Bryan, on the other hand shows a great understanding of the importance of unions for working people. He is an environmental rights and civil rights attorney. He has taken on public interest cases against large corporations and government agencies. He will protect the interests of workers.
City Council, District 6: We chose Tommy Hough because, as a broadcaster, he wished he had a union. He comes union family. Tommy was affected by growing up in a town where jobs were disappearing and he learned to never cross a picket line. He supports labor and well-paying jobs in San Diego. He will be good for us.
City Council, District 8: Antonio Martinez was the first candidate we chose to endorse. It was a no-brainer. As a current trustee on the San Ysidro School Board, he has stood shoulder to shoulder with teachers and parents in that district to fight for quality public schools. Antonio helped lead the effort to pass an increase to the minimum wage in San Diego. He demonstrated time and again that he has a proven record on behalf of working people and a commitment to fighting for fairness and economic justice for every community in San Diego.
City Council, District 2: Jill Galvez has been a leader in her community for decades. She is an advocate for transparent government, teachers and workers in general. She will be a great addition to the Chula Vista City Council.