Becoming a Union member is the best way to better your life and your family's future.

Welcome to UFCW Local 135! With your membership you get the benefit of a union that will fight for you in every way we can: collective bargaining, support from our Representatives for grievances, support from our Benefits Department for Health and Welfare, plus our membership department offers you extra perks, such as discounted tickets and other resources. 

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The UFCW strongly believes that workers should have a voice on their jobs.
The only way to achieve a true voice in your workplace is to have a Union contract.

Unions Help Workers To:

Improve wages and working hours

Secure health benefits for workers and their families

Receive paid holidays and vacations

Be treated with dignity and respect

Improve working conditions

Receive pensions upon retirement

Gain job security and seniority rights

Have an independent voice at work

The U.S. government says you have the right to join a Union or help organize a Union where your work. Only Union members can participate in negotiations and vote on Union contracts.  The more workers join together to fight for their rights, the more management listens to what you have to say. Union members earn substantially more than comparable non-union workers. The small amount you pay in membership brings large rewards not just in your paycheck but also in your benefits and working conditions. The more you and your co-workers are involved, the more everyone gains!

Do You Have Life Changes? 

NEW: Have you moved, changed your number or your last name? Are you going on leave or moving out of the state? You can now change your information, get a withdrawal card or let us know you’re back from leave online! Call us at 619-298-7772 ext. 6

Withdrawl/Return to Work


Information Change


Important: If you are changing our address for insurance purposes you must call our insurance department at (619)298-7772 Ext. 8.

Discounted Tickets for Movies and Theme Parks

Through special arrangements with selected companies, including amusement parks and entertainment centers, you and your family can enjoy many activities at discount prices. For discount details and more information please contact the Membership Department at (619) 298-7772 Ext. 6.
Rules and Regulations
  • All tickets are subject to availability and are available to Local 135 active members and retirees only (ID is required).
  • Prices are subject to change and supplies are limited.
  • Purchases must be made in person by the member/retiree at UFCW Local 135.
  • We accept cash or credit/debit card. NO CHECKS.
  • Magic Mountain tickets are limited to 10 per person per month and all other theme park tickets are limited to 12 per person, per month.
  • All movie theater tickets are limited to 20 per person, per month. (see ticket prices below) Please call the Membership Department to verify availability and to confirm pricing.

Magic Mountain

Movie Tickets

AMC Theaters

Reading Theaters 

Regal Cinemas


San Diego Zoo

Sea World


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And there’s more. UFCW members and their families are automatically eligible for Union Plus benefits and discounts! Access your savings below.