All UFCW Locals


To search for other UFCW locals in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, please click one the first letter of the state and scroll through that state until you find the appropriate city.  The numbers and letters following the city indicate the UFCW local number.  Those locals that are have web sites are underlined and can be accessed simply by clicking on the underlined text. 

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Alabama Aliceville 500T

Alabama Aliceville 1191T

Alabama Anniston 125C

Alabama Birmingham 102A*

Alabama Birmingham 103*

Alabama Birmingham 107*

Alabama Birmingham 180C*

Alabama Birmingham 180A*

Alabama Birmingham 201A

Alabama Birmingham 261*

Alabama Birmingham 405*

Alabama Birmingham 436*

Alabama Birmingham 441*

Alabama Birmingham 451*

Alabama Birmingham 555*

Alabama Birmingham 590*

Alabama Birmingham 615*

Alabama Birmingham 645*

Alabama Birmingham 928*

Alabama Birmingham 1095*

Alabama Birmingham 1657

Alabama Cullman 683T

Alabama Decatur 88T

Alabama Decatur 191T

Alabama Decatur 620*

Alabama Demopolis 753C

Alabama EightMile 488C

Alabama Florence 1999G

Alabama Gadsden 506*

Alabama Gallion 1038C

Alabama Huntsville 761*

Alabama Montgomery 105*

Alabama Scottsboro 504T

Alabama Tuscumbia 489G

Alaska Anchorage 1496

Arizona Benson 184C

Arizona Phoenix 99R

Arkansas LittleRock 2008

Arkansas NorthLittleRock 526T

Arkansas Ravenden 740C

California AltaLoma 78C

California Antioch 25C

California Antioch 30I

California Bloomington 1167

California Brawley 174D

California BuenaPark 324

California Camarillo 1036

California CanogaPark 995C

California Caruthers 97C

California Chowchilla 984C

California Claremont 1428

California Fresno 45D

California Fresno 188D

California Fresno 1288

California Hanford 193I

California Hayward 294C

California Hayward 870

California Hollywood 770

California LaVerne 58C

California Lompoc 146C

California Martinez 1179

California Modesto 186D

California Montclair 112C

California Norwalk 1C

California Oakland 120

California Perris 1023C

California Roseville 588

California Salinas 839

California Salinas 1096

California SanDiego 135

California SanFrancisco 73I

California SanFrancisco 648

California SanJose 428

California SantaCruz 194I

California SantaMonica 1442

California SouthSanFrancisco 101

California Stockton 181D

California TempleCity 350C

California Vallejo 373R

California Wittier 47C

California Woodland 179D

California YorbaLinda 151D

Canada Alberta 401

Canada Brampton 375W

Canada Brampton 1990

Canada Brantford 336W

Canada Burnaby 120B

Canada Burnaby 190G

Canada Burnaby 247

Canada Burnaby 1518

Canada Calgary 194D

Canada Calgary 241W

Canada Calgary 373A

Canada Calgary 401

Canada Cambridge 346T

Canada Cambridge 1977

Canada Carberry 798

Canada Charlesbourg 509

Canada Chatham 1065*

Canada Chesley 418G

Canada Cobourg 1230

Canada Coteau-du-Lac 766P

Canada Cte.Champlain 588T

Canada Edmonton 120G

Canada Edmonton 312A

Canada Edmonton 661

Canada Etobicoke 382W

Canada Etobicoke 389W

Canada Etobicoke 390W

Canada Etobicoke 1000a

Canada Gatineau 465*

Canada Gimli 200D

Canada Goderich 523W

Canada Guelph 508G

Canada Halifax 361W

Canada Hamilton 334W

Canada Hamilton 386W

Canada Hamilton 416P

Canada Hamilton 452P

Canada Hamilton 550A

Canada Hamilton 617P

Canada Hamilton 707

Canada Hamilton 767P

Canada Hamilton 1227

Canada Harrow 156D

Canada Hull 486

Canada Huntingdon 137T

Canada Iroquois 478T

Canada Kentville 486T

Canada KirklandLake 369W

Canada Kitchener 358W

Canada Kitchener 384W

Canada LabradorCity 1973B

Canada Lachine 115T

Canada Lachine 366A

Canada Lachine 577T

Canada LaSalle 225P

Canada Laval 117D

Canada Laval 405P

Canada Leamington 278W

Canada Leamington 459

Canada London 335W

Canada London 383W

Canada London 392W

Canada LongbowLake 321W

Canada LowerSackville 864

Canada Luneberg 469T

Canada Manitoba 832

Canada MedicineHat 511

Canada Mississauga 175

Canada Mississauga 206

Canada Mississauga 253G

Canada Mississauga 633

Canada Moncton 1288P

Canada Montreal 102T

Canada Montreal 301W

Canada Montreal 500R

Canada Montreal 502

Canada Montreal 596T

Canada Montreal 909

Canada Montreal 1991P

Canada MontrealNord 570T

Canada MooseJaw 226

Canada MooseJaw 396G

Canada Northbay 305W

Canada NorthYork 333

Canada Ottawa 329W

Canada Ottawa 387W

Canada Ottawa 388W

Canada Peterborough 371W

Canada Peterborough 391W

Canada Peterborough 512T

Canada Quebec 503

Canada RedDeer 1118

Canada Regina 318W

Canada Regina 319W

Canada Rexdale 1000A

Canada Rexdale 1993

Canada Saskatoon 248P

Canada Saskatoon 342P

Canada Saskatoon 346W

Canada Saskatoon 481G

Canada Saskatoon 649

Canada Saskatchewan 1400

Canada SaultSt.Marie 582*

Canada Scarborough 530W

Canada SmithFalls 365T

Canada St.Catharines 324W

Canada St.John’s 1252

Canada St.Leonard 501

Canada St.Zotique 569T

Canada St-Colomban 291P

Canada Stroud 393W

Canada Sudbury 427*

Canada Sudbury 429*

Canada Sudbury 431*

Canada Sudbury 545*

Canada Sudbury 579*

Canada Sudbury 713*

Canada Sudbury 715*

Canada Sudbury 915*

Canada Sudbury 930*

Canada Sudbury 1177*

Canada Sudbury 1991*

Canada Taber 383

Canada ThunderBay 311W

Canada ThunderBay 316W

Canada Timmins 374W

Canada Toronto 114P

Canada Toronto 208

Canada Toronto 326W

Canada Toronto 351

Canada Toronto 529P

Canada Toronto 709

Canada Toronto 743

Canada Toronto 1129

Canada Toronto 1190

Canada Windsor 159T

Canada Winnipeg 227W

Canada Winnipeg 330W

Canada Winnipeg 832

Canada Woodridge 1000a

Colorado Denver 127I

Colorado Greeley 990

Colorado WheatRidge 7R

Connecticut Bridgeport 197B

Connecticut Danbury 560C

Connecticut EastHaven 90I

Connecticut Enfield 23I

Connecticut Farmington 919

Connecticut Greenwich 168I

Connecticut Meriden 88B

Connecticut NorthHaven 215

Connecticut Norwalk 72B

Connecticut Quaker Hill 119I

Connecticut Stamford 315C

Connecticut Stamford 845B

Connecticut Wallingford 436C

Connecticut Westport 371

Delaware NewCastle 266A

Delaware Wilmington 6I

Florida Bartow 377C

Florida Dade City 43*

Florida Gainesville 354C

Florida Gibsonton 439C

Florida GreenCoveSprings 797C

Florida Jacksonville 531*

Florida Jasper 223C

Florida Lakeland 281C

Florida Lakeland 722C

Florida Mulberry 35C

Florida Mulberry 39C

Florida Mulberry 573C

Florida Mulberry 814C

Florida Mulberry 826C

Florida Mulberry 968C

Florida PanamaCity 328C

Florida St.Cloud 359C

Florida Tampa 533*

Florida Wellington 428C

Florida WestPalmBeach 1625

Florida Wewahitchka 836C

Florida WhiteSprings 784C

Georgia Albany 609C

Georgia Atlanta 315*

Georgia Atlanta 343*

Georgia Atlanta 586*

Georgia Atlanta 595*

Georgia Brunswick 835C

Georgia Cartersville 340T

Georgia Cedartown 354

Georgia CollegePark 1996

Georgia Dawsonville 432G

Georgia Epworth 401C

Georgia Midway 1016C

Georgia Nahunta 832C

Georgia Rockmart 90T

Georgia Smyrnar 899C

Georgia Waverly 736C

Hawaii Honolulu 480

Idaho Nampa 368A

Illinois Addison 200T

Illinois Belleville 145I

Illinois Belleville 534

Illinois Bourbonnais 1281P

Illinois Bradley 498C

Illinois Cahokia 871C

Illinois Chebanse 872C

Illinois Chicago 15*

Illinois Chicago 20*

Illinois Chicago 100A

Illinois Chicago 200*

Illinois Chicago 239*

Illinois Chicago 291*

Illinois Chicago 317*

Illinois Chicago 546

Illinois Chicago 580T

Illinois Chicago 853*

Illinois Collinsville 12C

Illinois Collinsville 68C

Illinois Danville 214D

Illinois Danville 617C

Illinois Danville 686

Illinois Godfrey 6C

Illinois GraniteCity 50C

Illinois GraniteCity 432C

Illinois GraniteCity 764C

Illinois Keithsburgh 1009C

Illinois LaSalle 79C

Illinois Lyons 524C

Illinois Manteno 862C

Illinois Mendota 17*

Illinois Morris 1015C

Illinois Morrison 79I

Illinois MountProspect 1540

Illinois OakBrook 881

Illinois Ottawa 203C

Illinois Pekin 4D

Illinois Peoria 536

Illinois Quincy 887C

Illinois Rochelle 578*

Illinois RockFalls 758C

Illinois Romeoville 763C

Illinois Waukegan 60C

Illinois Wilmington 555T

Illinois WoodRiver 81B

Illinois Woodstock 678T

Illinois Worth 894C

Indiana Charlestown 692C

Indiana Charlestown 761C

Indiana Clarksville 15C

Indiana Dyer 5C

Indiana Evansville 172

Indiana Evansville 833C

Indiana FloydKnobs 1032C

Indiana FortWayne 29*

Indiana FortWayne 202*

Indiana FortWayne 357*

Indiana FortWayne 462*

Indiana FortWayne 512*

Indiana FortWayne 835*

Indiana FortWayne 1096*

Indiana FortWayne 1976*

Indiana Ft.Wayne 810*

Indiana Hobart 157C

Indiana Indianapolis 700

Indiana Jeffersonville 988C

Indiana Lawrenceburg 13D

Indiana Merrillville 157I

Indiana MichiganCity 493C

Indiana Mishawaka 55I

Indiana NewParis 557T

Indiana NewSalisbury 84D

Indiana NewSalisbury 1030C

Indiana Russiaville 150I

Indiana WestHarrison 561C

Iowa CedarRapids 110*

Iowa Cherokee 179

Iowa Clinton 745C

Iowa CouncilBluffs 578C

Iowa Davenport 431

Iowa Dubuque 150A

Iowa Dubuque 190I

Iowa Estherville 79

Iowa Ft.Madison 617

Iowa LeMars 428G

Iowa Muscatine 86D

Iowa Ottumwa 230

Iowa Perry 1149

Iowa SiouxCity 222

Iowa SiouxCity 1142

Iowa Spencer 477G

Iowa Waterloo 166G

Kansas Atchison 74D

Kansas BaxterSprings 409G

Kansas Fontana 509G

Kansas Fredonia 210C

Kansas Hutchinson 188C

Kansas KansasCity 109I

Kansas KansasCity 184L

Kansas Lawrence 605C

Kansas Leavenworth 74A

Kansas Lyons 278C

Kansas Tonganoxie 431G

Kentucky Bardstown 23D

Kentucky Bardstown 111D

Kentucky Ellizabethtown 970C

Kentucky Florence 664C

Kentucky Frankfort 24D

Kentucky Frankfort 38D

Kentucky Guston 28D

Kentucky Lawrenceburg 10D

Kentucky Louisville 72D

Kentucky Louisville 227

Kentucky Louisville 663C

Kentucky Philpot 31D

Louisiana Arabi 1101

Louisiana Bastrop 88C

Louisiana BatonRouge 210

Louisiana BatonRouge 806C

Louisiana BreauxBridge 883C

Louisiana ChurchPoint 371C

Louisiana Franklin 29C

Louisiana Franklin 458C

Louisiana Franklin 483C

Louisiana Franklin 638C

Louisiana Gramercy 1167P

Louisiana Metairie 496

Louisiana NewIberia 27C

Louisiana PlainDealing 694C

Louisiana Shreveport 525C

Louisiana VillePlatte 273C

Louisiana Westwego 67I

Maine Falmouth 70I

Maine Morrell 650C

Maine Oakland 122T

Maine SouthPortland 1292

Maryland Arbutus 34D

Maryland Baltimore 3I

Maryland Baltimore 27

Maryland Baltimore 217C

Maryland Baltimore 392

Maryland Baltimore 853C

Maryland Baltimore 976C

Maryland Cumberland 1132*

Maryland Elkon 266T

Maryland Gaithersburg 1994

Maryland Landover 400

Maryland SilverSpring 72A

Massachusetts Arlington 36I

Massachusetts Boston 8D

Massachusetts Boston 1445

Massachusetts Brockton 138I

Massachusetts Chicopee 414C

Massachusetts Leominster 60*

Massachusetts Leominster 173*

Massachusetts Leominster 224*

Massachusetts Leominster 444*

Massachusetts Leominster 513*

Massachusetts Leominster 515*

Massachusetts Leominster 566*

Massachusetts Leominster 584A

Massachusetts Leominster 588*

Massachusetts Leominster 593*

Massachusetts Leominster 599*

Massachusetts Leominster 875*

Massachusetts Leominster 965*

Massachusetts Milford 75I

Massachusetts Springfield 1459

Massachusetts Walpole 80I

Massachusetts WestBridgewater 791

Michigan AnnArbor 689

Michigan BattleCreek 232

Michigan BattleCreek 374*

Michigan Burlington 374A*

Michigan Burton 383*

Michigan Burton 602*

Michigan Detroit 26

Michigan Eastpointe 360I

Michigan Eastpointe 1058

Michigan Fremont 530*

Michigan Gladstone 239I

Michigan GrandRapids 132C

Michigan GrandRapids 386*

Michigan GrandRapids 951

Michigan Gwinn 665*

Michigan Holland 705*

Michigan Holland 822*

Michigan Kalamazoo 169B

Michigan Lansing 93*

Michigan Lansing 106I

Michigan Livonia 1064*

Michigan MadisonHeights 876

Michigan Monroe 613B

Michigan Muskegon 411

Michigan Muskegon 854C

Michigan Niles 673T

Michigan Ovid 86*

Michigan PawPaw 825*

Michigan Rockford 600A

Michigan Roseville 42D

Michigan Saginaw 16

Michigan Saginaw 87*

Michigan SaultSainteMarie 799C

Michigan Southfield 83*

Michigan St.Claire 867C

Michigan St.Helen 1039C

Michigan TawasCity 1044C

Michigan TraverseCity 415G

Michigan Whitehall 70C

Minnesota AlbertLea 6

Minnesota Austin 9

Minnesota Crystal 6IL

Minnesota Duluth 12A

Minnesota Duluth 1116

Minnesota Litchfield 304G

Minnesota Owatonna 442P

Minnesota Plymouth 134

Minnesota Plymouth 653

Minnesota RedWing 335

Minnesota RedWing 527

Minnesota Rochester 199

Minnesota SouthSt.Paul 789

Minnesota Winona 228C

Minnesota Worthington 1161

Mississippi Cruger 800C

Mississippi Gallman 361G

Mississippi Greenville 187C

Mississippi Greenwood 790C

Mississippi Hernando 397C

Mississippi Jackson 834C

Mississippi Jackson 982C

Mississippi Jonestown 1027C

Mississippi Leland 129A*

Mississippi Saltillo 670T

Mississippi Sandersville 583C

Mississippi Shuqualak 84T

Mississippi Tutwiler 775C

Mississippi Vicksburg 841C

Mississippi Vossburg 1000C

Mississippi WestPoint 1991

Missouri Ballwin 655

Missouri Chaffee 796C

Missouri Concordia 369G

Missouri Ferguson 60I

Missouri Florissant 344C

Missouri Fredericktown 719

Missouri HighRidge 1026C

Missouri KansasCity 2

Missouri Lebanon 381G

Missouri Liberty 211

Missouri Manchester 16C

Missouri Marshall 410A

Missouri Richland 442G

Missouri Sedalia 262G

Missouri St.Joseph 125*

Missouri St.Louis 81C

Missouri St.Louis 88

Montana Butte 4

Montana Butte 301

Montana GreatFalls 8

Nebraska Adams 1771*

Nebraska Fremont 22

Nebraska Lincoln 1808*

Nebraska Nemaha 520G

Nebraska Omaha 271

Nebraska Wymore 815C

Nevada LasVegas 220I

Nevada LasVegas 711

NewHampshire Milford 19I

NewHampshire MountVernon 952C

NewHampshire Nashua 17T

NewHampshire Somersworth 127T

NewJersey AtlanticCity 1358

NewJersey Bellmawr 1206I

NewJersey Bloomfield 1049

NewJersey Carteret 144C

NewJersey Clifton 273T

NewJersey Clifton 276T

NewJersey Clifton 1262

NewJersey EastBrunswick 1037C

NewJersey EastOrange 262*

NewJersey Edgewater 51C

NewJersey ForkedRiver 202I

NewJersey Hackensack 29A*

NewJersey Howell 333C

NewJersey Irvington 108*

NewJersey Jackson 527C

NewJersey Linden 209D

NewJersey Linden 212D

NewJersey LittleFalls 464A

NewJersey LittleFalls 1245

NewJersey Lodi 281T

NewJersey PalisadesPark 211T

NewJersey Paterson 450T

NewJersey Pennsauken 56

NewJersey Rahway 167I

NewJersey Sayreville 271C

NewJersey SouthRiver 111C

NewJersey Summit 9C

NewJersey TomsRiver 153C

NewJersey Totowa 825C

NewJersey Union 19D

NewJersey Verona 220T

NewJersey WestBerlin 1360

NewMexico Albuquerque 387C

NewMexico Albuquerque 1564

NewYork Binghamton 293C

NewYork Brooklyn 1D

NewYork Brooklyn 2D

NewYork Brooklyn 18D

NewYork Brooklyn 88*

NewYork Brooklyn 222S

NewYork Brooklyn 300S

NewYork Brooklyn 422S

NewYork Brooklyn 517S

NewYork Brooklyn 621

NewYork Brooklyn 815S

NewYork EastGreenbush 61C

NewYork ForestHills 348S

NewYork Fulton 1974*

NewYork Fulton 1975*

NewYork Hastings-on-Hudson 305*

NewYork Jamaica 2567*

NewYork Jamestown 350I

NewYork JohnsonCity 306C

NewYork Lockport 76C

NewYork Lockport 1195*

NewYork LongIslandCity 377*

NewYork Menands 1138T

NewYork Mineola 342-50

NewYork Mt.Vernon 888

NewYork Newfane 139*

NewYork NewYork 1S

NewYork NewYork 3*

NewYork NewYork 174

NewYork NewYork 359

NewYork NewYork 670*

NewYork Norwich 251C

NewYork PearlRiver 143C

NewYork QueensVillage 1500

NewYork RegoPark 338*

NewYork Rensselaer 16I

NewYork Rensselaer 227C

NewYork Rensselaer 1139T

NewYork RousesPoint 95C

NewYork Springville 94I

NewYork UnionSprings 192C

NewYork Utica 1

NewYork Westbury 1102*

NewYork WhitePlains 500A

NewYork Wolcott 220*

NewYork Wolcott 244*

NorthCarolina Chadbourn 792C

NorthCarolina Concord 954C

NorthCarolina Enka 2598T

NorthCarolina Garner 297C

NorthCarolina Greensboro 1052*

NorthCarolina HurdleMills 298C

NorthCarolina Leicester 528C

NorthCarolina Mansfield 1050*

NorthCarolina Morganton 427C

NorthCarolina Randleman 102I

NorthCarolina Spencer 440T

NorthCarolina Statesville 955C

NorthCarolina Tyner 426T

NorthCarolina Winston-Salem 204

Ohio Akron 419C

Ohio Akron 1020C

Ohio Akron 1033C

Ohio Akron 1034C

Ohio Belmont 967C

Ohio Belpre 343C

Ohio Canton 17A

Ohio Cincinnati 7A

Ohio Cincinnati 32D

Ohio Cincinnati 390*

Ohio Cincinnati 501C

Ohio Cleveland 73C

Ohio Cleveland 554C

Ohio Cleveland 880

Ohio ClevelandHeights 58IL

Ohio Columbus 379*

Ohio Columbus 1059

Ohio CuyahogaFalls 207C

Ohio Gahanna 54IL

Ohio GroveCity 310*

Ohio Hartville 76IL

Ohio Holland 911

Ohio IndianSprings 181I

Ohio Lancaster 214F

Ohio Lorain 59IL

Ohio MapleHeights 838C

Ohio MartinsFerry 233I

Ohio Maumee 11I

Ohio Monroe 1099

Ohio NewPhiladelphia 20C

Ohio Parma 27I

Ohio Parma 418C

Ohio PortClinton 777T

Ohio Proctorville 21*

Ohio Rayland 277*

Ohio Sharonville 50IL

Ohio Sidney 38IL

Ohio Tiffin 83IL

Ohio Tuscarawas 1002C

Ohio Warren 48I

Ohio Warren 60IL

Ohio WashingtonCourtHou 776C

Ohio WashingtonCourtHou 977C

Ohio WestChester 342C

Ohio Windham 852C

Oklahoma Pryor 610C

Oklahoma Salina 476G

Oklahoma Tulsa 147I

Oklahoma Wagoner 521G

Oklahoma Yukon 159I

Oregon Portland 75B

Oregon Portland 109C

Oregon Tigard 555

Pennsylvania Allentown 2552T

Pennsylvania Barnesville 727T

Pennsylvania Barto 619C

Pennsylvania Bath 12I

Pennsylvania Bellevue 101*

Pennsylvania Berlin 1718*

Pennsylvania Boyerstown 740T

Pennsylvania Boyertown 959C

Pennsylvania Bradford 200I

Pennsylvania Bridgeville 13I

Pennsylvania CherryTree 177G

Pennsylvania Duryea 406T

Pennsylvania Hamburg 570C

Pennsylvania Harrisburg 728T

Pennsylvania Hawley 86I

Pennsylvania Holland 100R

Pennsylvania Houtzdale 209I

Pennsylvania Hunlock’sCreek 724T

Pennsylvania Kulpsville 31T

Pennsylvania Lancaster 241I

Pennsylvania Lebanon 2590T

Pennsylvania Lehighton 477C

Pennsylvania Media 29I

Pennsylvania Milton 38

Pennsylvania Norristown 130T

Pennsylvania Norristown 1776

Pennsylvania Philadelphia 355T

Pennsylvania Philadelphia 1034*

Pennsylvania Pittsburgh 23

Pennsylvania Pittsburgh 211C

Pennsylvania Pittsburgh 325

Pennsylvania Pittsburgh 2635T

Pennsylvania Pittston 726T

Pennsylvania Royersford 416C

Pennsylvania Ruffsdale 57I

Pennsylvania SchuylkillHaven 184I

Pennsylvania SchuylkillHaven 283G

Pennsylvania Selinsgrove 175I

Pennsylvania Sharpsville 56I

Pennsylvania Sligo 741T

Pennsylvania Wapwallopen 428T

Pennsylvania Weatherly 737T

Pennsylvania WestPittston 729T`

Pennsylvania WestWyoming 35I

Pennsylvania WestWyoming 43I

Pennsylvania Wilkes-Barre 195T

Pennsylvania Wilkes-Barre 362T

Pennsylvania Wilkes-Barre 725T

Pennsylvania Wilkes-Barre 835T

Pennsylvania Wilkes-Barre 1116T

Pennsylvania York 162I

PuertoRico PuertoNuevo,SanJuan 1234

PuertoRico SanJuan 481

RhodeIsland Providence 328

RhodeIsland Rumford 61I

SouthCarolina Marion 54T

SouthCarolina Prosperity 2014T

SouthCarolina Winnsboro 1800T

SouthDakota BelleFourche 353C

SouthDakota RapidCity 394

SouthDakota SiouxFalls 304A

Tennessee Adams 233T

Tennessee BeanStation 663T

Tennessee Camden 519G

Tennessee Celina 401G

Tennessee Cordova 1529

Tennessee Corryton 1036C

Tennessee Dover 512G

Tennessee Elizabethton 293T

Tennessee Elizabethton 2207T

Tennessee Goodlettsville 522G

Tennessee Greenfield 525G

Tennessee Hermitage 1995

Tennessee JeffersonCity 701C

Tennessee Knoxville 150*

Tennessee Knoxville 195*

Tennessee Knoxville 323*

Tennessee Knoxville 587*

Tennessee Knoxville 23444*

Tennessee LenoirCity 297T

Tennessee LenoirCity 715C

Tennessee Luttrell 491G

Tennessee Memphis 36B

Tennessee Memphis 194C

Tennessee Memphis 515

Tennessee Memphis 910*

Tennessee Morristown 815T

Tennessee OakRidge 252C

Tennessee Russellville 272T

Tennessee Samburg 356G

Tennessee StrawberryPlains 700C

Tennessee Tullahoma 231T

Texas Baytown 900C

Texas Bryan 780C

Texas Channelview 770C

Texas Dallas 540

Texas Dallas 1000

Texas ElPaso 560T

Texas Galveston 752C

Texas GrandSaline 3C

Texas Groves 557C

Texas Houston 408

Texas Houston 455

Texas Joshua 34I

Texas Marshall 130C

Texas Mesquite 14I

Texas SanAngelo 514T

Texas Spring 680C

Texas Texarkana 526C

Texas Texarkana 735C

Texas Whitesboro 513T

Texas WichitaFalls 259G

Vermont St.Albans 111I

Virginia Elkton 49C

Virginia Elkton 94C

Virginia Elkton 987C

Virginia Hopewell 851C

Virginia Lynchburg 245I

Virginia MadisonHeights 845C

Virginia PrinceGeorge 591C

Virginia Woodbridge 2C

Washington Auburn 81

Washington Bellevue 1001

Washington Bellevue 1182

Washington Bremerton 381

Washington FederalWay 141

Washington GigHarbor 110C

Washington Kalama 747C

Washington MountVernon 44

Washington Seattle 1105

Washington Selah 121C

Washington Spokane 1439

Washington Tacoma 367

Washington Tacoma 554

WestVirginia Benwood 45C

WestVirginia Cameron 888C

WestVirginia Charleston 87I

WestVirginia Charleston 347

WestVirginia Fairmont 550*

WestVirginia Keyser 261C

WestVirginia Middlebourne 566C

WestVirginia Moundsville 120C

WestVirginia NewMartinsville 864C

WestVirginia Vienna 698C

WestVirginia Warwood 99A*

WestVirginia Weirton 1031C

WestVirginia Wheeling 100*

Wisconsin Appleton 41IL

Wisconsin Appleton 78T

Wisconsin BeaverDam 651

Wisconsin Casco 215T

Wisconsin ChippewaFalls 268

Wisconsin DePere 245

Wisconsin EauClaire 5IL

Wisconsin GreenBay 888T

Wisconsin Janesville 203T

Wisconsin LaCrosse 4IL

Wisconsin Madison 538

Wisconsin Marshfield 717

Wisconsin Merrill 688

Wisconsin Milwaukee 73A

Wisconsin Milwaukee 1444

Wisconsin Pardeeville 349C

Wisconsin Sheboygan 147T

Wisconsin Sheboygan 625T

Wisconsin Superior 37IL

Wisconsin TwoRivers 236T

Wisconsin TwoRivers 665T

Wisconsin WestAllis 1IL


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