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President’s Message



It’s Election Time – Again

In just two months we will be back at the polls. It’s amazing how two years has just flown by since our last elections.

So far in 2018, we have had several successful contract negotiations, but there’s an area where we need more success – in upcoming elections. We have an important primary election on June 5.
We at the UFCW Western States Council have a process to interview candidates and determine who supports our members’ issues and values. We encourage you to vote for these candidates:

U.S. Senate

Back in February, The UFCW Western States Council began the endorsement process and choose which candidates are best for workers. We chose to endorse Kevin De Leon for U.S. Senate.
Kevin is the only candidate in this race who will protect workers’ ability to stand together in their unions to strengthen our economy.

California’s State Senate Leader Kevin de León passed legislation in 2012 to create a first-in-the-nation “Secure Choice” program, to help workers save for retirement. He also supports de-scheduling cannabis at the federal level to legitimize a trillion-dollar industry. He will foster new job creation and to empower unions.


We chose Gavin Newsom for governor because he will work to help grocery workers, pharmacists, cannabis workers and other hard-working Californians. Newsom is the strongest candidate on issues that matter to us all, including rebuilding the middle class, achieving universal healthcare, and investing in our children’s education. 

UFCW members are the people who keep our state’s food safe, protect our patients and invest in our communities. We know how to get things done, and we need to elect a true friend of working families.
We aren’t afraid to take on powerful interests and Gavin Newsom has proven time and again that he does what’s right.

Lt. Governor

We are also proud to endorse Senator Ed Hernandez for California Lieutenant Governor. He’s been a warrior for working families, backing California’s tough workers’ rights laws, healthcare for all efforts, protections for collective bargaining, a $15 statewide minimum wage, lower prescription drug prices, more investments in job-training as well as retirement benefits for working people. We know Ed will be a champion for working families as our next Lieutenant Governor and that’s why he has our full support.

Superintendent of Public Instruction

For Superintendent of Public instruction we endorsed Assemblymember Tony Thurmond. In the State Assembly, Tony has emerged as a champion on issues that affect working people and our families, from investing in child care and afterschool programs to expanding college access.

With a role encompassing K-12 education policy and curriculum, early education initiatives, and governance of California’s higher education systems, the Superintendent is in a position to equip future workers for success. Tony Thurmond will strengthen our schools and open doors of opportunity to our children.

Next month I will discuss local candidates we have endorsed at the San Diego Working Families Council.

Don’t forget to vote on June 5 in the primary election. Our future depends on it.