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Member Engagement = Strong Union


Executive Assistant

UFCW Local 135 is an incredibly strong and powerful union. Our strength has always come from our members standing together, for ourselves and for other workers.
Member engagement is what the union is all about. You are the union and it’s time for all of us to recommit ourselves to our cause. We have a number of things going on right now that you can get involved in.

First up, we need you to help us settle a fair contract with your LabCorp brothers and sisters.

A year ago, LabCorp phlebotomists had the courage to organize for the first time and are now fighting for their first contract. LabCorp is horribly understaffed, which is a danger to patients and unfair to the workers who are disciplined.

Patients sometimes have to wait for two to three hours to have their blood drawn. This is not acceptable – especially considering many of them have had to fast for their blood test.
LabCorps system for obtaining correct codes is flawed and has resulted in the wrong tests being performed and workers being disciplined. So, at this time, we ask that you get your blood drawn elsewhere. We may need your help in action against LabCorp as well. We will notify you when we have a contract.

We are negotiating to fix these problems. We encourage you to be a part of the change.

Secondly, we ask that you shop and get your prescriptions filled at our newly organized CVS stores (see page 10 for one near you). We have hundreds of new brothers and sisters and we want to show them our support. Wear a UFCW Local 135 pin or t-shirt while shopping there so they know you’re with them.

And lastly, we request that you vote in the primary election on June 7. Last month we published the labor-endorsed candidates in The Worker. We did the research on each candidate we would like you to elect the ones we have chosen as they are best for working families. If you need a refresher on who they are, go to

We are not just another special interest group. We are a movement that provides a powerful voice for America’s workers.

We believe that the single most important issue at this time is raising the minimum wage in San Diego. It will lift up everyone, including our members.

Governor Jerry Brown recently signed legislation to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour, but we also need this second, local minimum wage initiative to pass.

Right now, in our community, people are working full time and still living in poverty. Parents are forced to choose between a day’s pay and caring for a sick child. The minimum wage increase will give 170,000 San Diegans an immediate raise and provide workers five sick days, whereas the state law in place now gives only three sick days.

If you are not registered to vote, please register now so you can vote in the general election in November. Call us and we will send you a voter registration form or go to

We can really make a difference for working families in the upcoming election. Electing candidates who share our vision and care about working families is what we’re all about. When we vote, working families win.