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UPDATE – Kaiser Permanente Performance Sharing Program

04/06/2016 – On March 28th, UFCW and the Coalition of affected unions met again with Kaiser regarding the PSP bonus issue. Kaiser’s latest offer to our members was $500. The offer was rejected because it did not reward our members appropriately for their 2015 performance – while other non-represented members and some departments of management did receive their bonus for their their performance.
UFCW remains determined to achieve a FAIR performance payout for our union members. The idea behind the performance payout is simple: Our members work hard, Kaiser is remarkably successful, and everyone should share fairly in that success.
Our members worked hard every day of 2015, helping our region achieve:

• A whopping $564 million operating margin
• Even greater success in service and quality than in 2014
• All while we served more members than ever before.

Our members did their part, and now management must do their part. It’s not complicated.
To win a fair performance payout, we need to keep sharing our message. We have developed an escalation plan to continue to put pressure on Kaiser to fairly compensate our members for the work they have done. We will be communicating the details of that plan shortly.
In the meantime, stay strong, stay united and spread this message broadly.  Our brothers and sisters at the UFCW Western States Council, UFCW’s Political and Legislative Council have joined in our fight and to help spread the word.  For information go to